26 March - 16 April 2020

Titled Yenthese paintings mark a return to a subject that sits at the core of Kingsley Gunatillake's oeuvre. Using forms and lines from his live nude studies juxtaposed by the artist’s textural, abstract painting technique; these works are an homage to his prolific practice. The title hints at the ever present influence of Japanese art and culture on Gunatillake’s work and the intimate nature of this comparatively hidden series that the artist chose not to publish to-date. Works feature from as early as 2009 highlighting the importance of the nude study in relation to the artists widely published abstract painting and book art. The series also observes his influencers: as a student of life drawing under the renowned H.A. Karunaratne and his exposure to the work of Justin Peiris Deriniyagala and George Keyt during this same period. 


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