“Between the world and the word/are three small shapes/the signs for ‘tree’, ‘escape’, and ‘sun”; extracted from the poem ‘Komorebi’ by Caitriona O’Reilly, is an ideal prologue to Ruwan Prasanna’s collection. Komorebi, translated as ‘the light shining through trees’, draws significant brush strokes to pause time. The multi paneled canvas captures the stages of the evening sunset when viewed from below the canopies. The essence of this collection is inspired by landscape and observation for the natural surroundings. Luminous colors of the sky and ageing leaves in the tall, old trees of Colombo are the artist’s narrative while the scale of Ruwan Prasanna’s paintings play a role in the story they tell, sequential from one to another with the synchronization of light and form at its core. 


Haptic texture patterns evolve on the surface of the canvas by the artist’s seemingly spontaneous hand of gestural brush strokes. By capturing the play of natural light with the essence of nature using colour combinations that resemble the works of abstract impressionists from the 19th century, he exaggerates his own style as a painter by continuously playing with different thickness of strokes and colours.