Priyantha Udagedara creates works with aesthetic appeal that from a distance imply a subject and imagery of a paradisiacal nature. When viewed closely the intense and often disturbing nature of his subject transforms through collaged animal and body parts combined with splattered paint. His watercolour hybrid creature series present the same juxtaposition of beauty and agony, depicting monster and human forms with intricate detail and color in a continuation of his distinctive Paradise Lost series that contemplates the current political and social state of post-war Sri Lanka. In his latest series Garden of Earthly Delights, Udagedara works with collage and painting to create an elaborate depiction from the Herbal Garden series that confronts the growing sex industry in Sri Lanka. Presented as a mere observation the flora and fauna resemble the signage used to attract visitors to brothels disguised as Ayurvedic massage parlors. The sex industry is largely ignored by the traditional cultural government organizations that also turn a blind eye to another prevalent issue: gender-based violence. Hints of paint splattered like blood suggest turmoil beneath what is presented as a Buddhist culture, a continuation of his Paradise Lost series of work.