Jagath Weerasinghe is pivotal to the exposure of contemporary Sri Lankan art, and has been a significant driving force in its development since the early 1990s. His own art, mostly as a painter and draughtsman, is deeply informed by his society’s actions. His work examines and critiques Sri Lankan anxieties, responding to collective attitudes – as he identifies them, taking themes such as nationhood, religion, identity, and confrontation for commentary. The artist’s work reflects his unresolved dialogue with his subjects, as shown through a number of series of recurrent themes.


Jagath Weerasinghe holds a Master of Fine Arts from the American University in Washington DC. As a co-founder of the Theertha Collective and the moving force behind collaborations such as the Colombo Art Biennale, Weerasinghe has lectured on the local contemporary art scene internationally alongside his work as the Head of the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology. The combination of his role as an artist and archaeologist is evident in his body of work.