Charith Wijesundara

The narrative of Charith Wijesundara's series of mask prints discussed Sri Lanka’s diversity in religion and the popularity of gods, devas, yakkas, demons and deities across different ethnicities. These works chronicle tradition, folk tales, prehistoric drawings and archeological evidence that support the notion of strange beings residing in a small island. While the Japanese used ninja assassins and developed sophisticated methods of killing people; the islanders tried to develop cyborgs or killer machines and named them pilli". While some Western scientists ponder on the existence of aliens, islanders believe in alien souls that can save them from disease and suffering. The islanders viewed these demons and deities as spirits with supernatural powers; Superpowers that could torture people. His work identifies this other dimension of ‘yakkas’ and ‘devas’ from its original form and plays on the Western portrayal of Superpowers in comics. These works aim to translate the traditional, mythical legends in visual imagery inspired by pop art legend Roy Lichtenstein.