Kanesh Thabendran

Kanesh Thabendran is hailed for his agentive stance through stylised technique of photo cutting in exposing the angst of post-war Sri Lanka. Kanesh’s roots lay in the Northern part of the country, where the atrocities of a thirty year civil war were prominent. The personal element of his work lay in memory, in snapshots of a life taken away when his home was demolished during the war when his family was forced to leave. However, after a couple of years he recalls finally having the freedom to return, but to a house that was no longer identifiable or relatable as he could not come to terms with the remnants of what was left. The artist's experimentation with photo cutting began at this point in his life, when he started to excavate his memories from a bygone time, and tried to envision a life that he could have experienced had the war not affected his life. Using old photographs, the artist created an intriguing artistic narrative, positioning the imagined with the real. Photo cutting as a creative process became so innate, it evolved into a mode of emotional release resulting in an overflow of thought and emotion.