1 April - 30 June 2020

ART in CURFEW is a series created in curfew by artists located all over Sri Lanka. Unlike many countries in the world that went into lockdown due to the pandemic, Sri Lanka entered enforced curfew on 14 March 2020, the curfew was lifted on 26 May 2020. During this time people were not allowed to leave their homes except for a few elected days where the government experimented with lifting the curfew to allow for people to purchase essentials. Eventually the government worked with essential services to focus on deliveries. 


These works are being processed in an enforced quietude and many are a response to the pandemic. Accompanying the series the gallery live-streamed OPEN STUDIO sessions via instagram, allowing artists working in isolation to connect with an audience interested in sharing this intimate experience.


While the initial aim of ART in CURFEW was to highlight these responses and outcomes of the curfew in Sri Lanka, the platform has continued to evolve as artists continued to share works that were representative of their experiences in this state. The platform itself, in it's ever-changing form, has become a representation of the transient nature of this moment in time; it is now a documentation of works that will enable us, at some point in the future, to look back on these moments. Will we want to forget? How will we choose to memorialise? How and what will we remember?