#SupportLocalArt Talk: The Curator

A conversation on art curation in Sri Lanka

Following the success of the first instalment of the #SupportLocalArt Talk Series, where we dove into the world of the Patron, we are excited to announce the success of the second virtual event, #SupportLocalArt Talk: The Curator. On the panel are curators Sandev Handy, Hasini Haputhanthri, Sharmini Pereira and Shayari de Silva.
This conversation touches on their initiatives and the struggles involved in preserving and nurturing modern and contemporary art across the island. Moderated by Saskia Fernando, the conversation discusses ongoing projects, exploring the landscape for curatorial practices in Sri Lanka and defining what the actual role of a curator is, demystifying what has become an overused buzzword.

Watch the second event in the series, #SupportLocalArt Talk: The Curator that took  place on Tuesday the 7th of September at 6pm.