Kalaa Kathaa Previews

Hashan Cooray
March 28, 2018



“In my practice what I draw, what I use and thoughts are immediately expressed in my work. I see my work as anti-art, rather than relating to the definition of art. I do not believe in focusing on the decorative nature of art practice, I am bored of seeing this. At the end of the day, to me, everything is about the content behind my practice. Looking at in a realistic way, I don’t believe we can move forward by sugar coating reality. In my latest work series I am trying to relate to rain and an experience I had in the rain. I have used materials such as watercolor and acrylic as well as charcoal and soft pastel. People don’t like to change established ideas or to accept something radically new and outraging. But when we are fed-up, tired, and stuck on plateau with definitions, this practice has meaning to me. That’s how it is. That’s my way.” - HASHAN COORAY