21.03.15 - 18.04.15

The concept of baby boomers as one might be aware is the generation born during Post World War II. I am not against them, but I disapprove of their misconception of the new youth. Sometimes it is hard to explain how we might find mental freedom within a gigabyte or why we hashtag (#) every life event. It is the desire of being significant and the beauty of being able to access the limitless.

These collages expand in 20 separate movements and within the motion I intend to interpret the diagnosis of the Internet culture (from nineties youth to late millennial). It is a non-dialectic narrative with lots of computer scanning, cut-pastes and digital textures. Every piece is consistent with a certain period of time. It is a structured interval to understand the current process of youth ideology, which is more prosthetic than organic. However, The Holy Merchandise is a synthesis. It is a pulp of many individual layers and it is purely dedi cated to the generation who was born in 1989.

Marina Abramović once asked, “Because of technology, we don’t develop telepathy. We don’t use telepathy, but use, you know, the mobile phones. Why?” My obligation is to ask, why not?

Saskia Fernando Gallery