TAR WARS | P413 | 2013

11.07.13 - 25.07.13

This exhibition by P413, ‘Tar Wars’ is the third of a series of debut solo shows that have taken place at SFG Colombo this year. P413 is in fact Sri Lanka’s first street artist, an artist we came across during our attempt at a street art project for Pecha Kucha (a public art presentation event we staged in 2011). What stood out was P413’s ability to draw so well on canvas with a marker pen. He was the only person who participated in the project who attempted to use his own materials.

Following this introduction P413 participated in our poster project, he painted a mural on our gallery wall and he presented his portfolio at Pecha Kucha. P413 continues today to work as an accountant, and if you’ve read our articles on him before you will know that he shows up for meetings in a shirt and tie, quite a shift for an artist who in this interview admits to being inspired by Nickelodeon. It is very much the contrast of his serious nature and creative spirit that makes him an original.

In the lead up to this exhibition there were many an experiment of how to transport the mural feel of a work onto canvas, hence the final resolution to work on metal. When observing these pieces one must keep in mind that photoshop was not used in the design or preliminary sketches of these pieces, it is outstanding how P413 manages to nevertheless to create his very own cartoon, ‘Tar Wars’.


Saskia Fernando Gallery