I Am Inspired

Perera Hussein

Driven by their passion for social entrepreneurship, unbridled love for Sri Lanka, and aspiration for a thriving future for their country, Indira and Hashendra have collaborated to write I Am Inspired, a consolidation of anecdotes, insights and reflections of inspirational leader with Sri Lankan roots based in the country and around the world. The book is a ground-breaking literary creation produced to inspire and encourage youth to shed their inhibitions and take a leap of faith in pursuing their passions. Spanning across eight chapters, the consolidated biographical portraits envelop areas most critical to Sri Lanka's development. 


100% of book proceeds will be donated to the Sparklers Foundation, for the purpose of:

1) Designing a textbook version of I Am Inspired in Sinhala and Tamil for distribution in high schools. The sale of one copy of I Am Inspired will fund the production and distribution of 10 textbooks.

2) Running capacity-building programs for young Sri Lankans exhibiting exceptional entrepreneurial and leadership skills.