Hema Shironi explores identity as a transitionary idea at Colomboscope 2021

Stir World, July 8, 2021
STIR speaks with Shironi, the multidisciplinary artist, on her creative practice questioning the ideas of migration, home and identity, and her work for Colomboscope.

by Girinandini SinghPublished on : Jul 08, 2021

“I would say that the rented houses of my life have had the greatest impact on my work. All through my childhood my family migrated from one place to another, creating an alarming degree of confusion in me, in terms of how I would relate or connect with my new surroundings and new community,” says Sri Lankan multidisciplinary artist, Hema Shironi. “I experienced considerable difficulty in connecting and categorising myself within each one of these newly moved into communities, it raised questions and even then, forced me to look at the idea of belonging,” she adds.


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