At Frieze London, a Web of Art Circling the World

New York Times, October 12, 2022

A collection of lesser-known galleries will be featured in a special section of the event titled “Indra’s Net,” showcasing the works of 18 artists.

“Broken Into a Thousand Arms,” (2022), by Tuan Andrew Nguyen. The piece includes mobiles that pay homage to Alexander Calder and incorporates brass from artillery shell casings.


In Buddhism and Hinduism, Indra’s net floats over the globe, protectively, revealing interconnectedness of life. It’s an image that seemed ideal for the curator Sandhini Poddar, who was invited to create a special section at Frieze London (Wednesday through Sunday) for lesser-known galleries from around the world.

The image of an earthly net is about inclusion, Ms. Poddar said, but also could been seen as the fragility of connectedness in a world divided by environmental issues and the reality of wars past and present.


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