Removing the curtain of beauty with Chandraguptha Thenuwara

Personal Structures, September 18, 2022

While attending Personal Structures in Venice, Dr. Sanjana Hattotuwa had the chance to speak with Prof. Chandraguptha Thenuwara, one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned artists about his work 'Covert' at Palazzo Mora. Being this an extraordinary honour for a Sri Lankan artist, Dr. Sanjana Hattotuwa and artist Thenuwara engaged in a conversation about the meaning and reflections of this installation.


What is Covert?

Covert is a sculpture of nearly eight feet in height that is extraordinary in its complexity, nuance, and layering. It is a continuation of my two-dimensional drawings converted into a three-dimensional form, for which I used iron rods and moulded them into the symbols in my drawings. If you walk around the installation, you can see right through it.


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