Collector's Desk | Edition One

Business Today, December 4, 2015

Saskia Fernando Gallery & ARTRA Magazine together with Landrover will be launching Collector’s Desk, with the aim of educating and enlightening groups of eminent art connoisseurs with information and insights through presentations from esteemed guest speakers from the academia of visual art, performance art, design and architecture. Collector’s Desk will be a quarterly invitee only event that will function as a premier platform and a stepping-stone in setting standards and playing a critical role in transforming the Sri Lankan art scene towards a prosperous industry. The main objective of Collector’s Desk is to communicate about Sri Lankan art and culture to existing and aspiring art collectors. With the emergence of the Sri Lankan contemporary art scene over the past few years it has become pertinent that presentations focusing on the subjects of art and design appreciation, collecting and the relation between industries. The first edition of Collector’s Desk will be taking place on the 4th of December with art writer and curator Jyoti Dhar.