Adding A Bit Of Colour In These Bleak Times

Sunday Times, April 12, 2020

Horton Place is a hive of activity at all times, from the bustle of morning traffic to the throngs of late-night patrons at the various eateries. Except these days, when the streets are all but deserted due to the ongoing curfew. And yet, behind closed doors and in the safety of their own homes, some of these businesses still do their best to make it work and keep spirits high.

One such establishment is 41 Horton Place where you will find the Saskia Fernando Gallery and the PR Concept Store, run by sisters Saskia Fernando-Yatawara and Annika Fernando respectively. At a time where stress and tensions are high, taking comfort in arts and design is a practice that humankind has always turned to throughout the ages. By adapting to the unprecedented level of online interconnectivity, their works are accessible at any given time to those who need that escape.


Saskia Fernando Gallery

Located on the upper floor of No. 41 is the Saskia Fernando Gallery (SFG), home to some of the finest examples of Sri Lankan contemporary art. Established in 2009, the SFG represents leading and emerging artists working in Sri Lanka and/or of Sri Lankan descent, and their multidisciplinary representation of work is aimed at exposing the island’s maturity as a contemporary art scene. It also plays an important role in introducing an international audience to what Sri Lanka has to offer.


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