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The Morning, June 22, 2021

With this third lockdown (of sorts) on us, the last few weeks have seen us turn to the arts, and to social media to stay connected. Now, as travel restrictions ease, and we hopefully start getting back to moving around normally, our need to interact with each other and experience art is not likely to change. While interacting with art is an incredibly enriching experience, interacting with an artist, especially in an intimate and informal setting, can really open your eyes to how different people view and experience the world. 

Capturing this multitude of viewpoints and experiences, the Saskia Fernando Gallery (SFG) takes viewers into the minds of its artists through its recently launched Artist Takeover series. The series, which takes place through SFG’s Instagram, provides its audience with insight into its artists’ personal studio spaces, and shows viewers the world that the artists work in. 

As part of the Artist Takeover series, each artist takes over the SFG Instagram for a full day, posting videos filmed by the artist in their studio/home where they talk about their work, their views, their reading list, the music they like to listen to, as well as doing a brief Q&A session.

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