Collector's Desk | Edition Two

May 6, 2016

Collector's Desk by ARTRA Magazine & Saskia Fernando Gallery is a premier platform for art connoisseurs, at which we present a series of panels and talks by esteemed professionals from the art industry, on a quarterly basis with the support of our exclusive sponsor Land Rover. We believe there is a need for more communication between middlemen such as corporates and ourselves and collectors on the goings-on of our art scene. It is imperative that both collectors and corporates partake in the growth what is now becoming an internationally acknowledged art scene. The second edition of Collector's Desk took place at SFG on Friday the sixth of May at which the panel discussion revolved around art collecting and investment by ardent art collectors Mr Udayshanth Fernando, Chairman of Paradise Road Group of Companies and Mrs Niloo Jayatillake, Head of Investment at Softlogic PLC, who explored the history behind their personal collections and their opinions on the current appreciation in value of Sri Lankan contemporary art.