24.08.12 - 15.09.12

Mediated curated by Sanjana Hattotuwa, focuses on what are often hidden facets of our lives, location and context. Four individuals – a researcher, an economist, a constitutional theorist and an award winning novelist – were invited to give submissions that were anchored to issues vital to a greater and deeper social and political understanding of Sri Lanka today. Four artists were invited to engage with this primary resource material and interpret it so that it through what they produced, attention was focused on the inconvenient, critical engagement expanded and public apathy challenged.
Ameena Hussein with Jagath Weerasinghe
Anushka Wijesinha with Mika Tennekoon
Asanga Welikala with Sunela Jayewardene
Iromi Perera with Asvajit Boyle
Saskia Fernando Gallery