19.12.14 - 19.01.15

My recent works explore the experience of place in the post-armed conflict context by investigating the relationship of physical space, memory and history. I am drawn to the fragment because of the free association it gives me to play with ideas of space, time and memories. By creating compositions using jigsaw pieces and maps these works attempt to capture the ruptures associated with place. Each puzzle shaped form represents an identifiable or memorable fragment that is part of a lager vision or experience. The random association produced by the arrangement of mismatching forms, shapes, images and symbols create their own logic or truth. At the same time the apparent connections between the parts produces ambiguity and disconnection. For me these works talk about the impossibility of linear histories and the impossibility of knowing when memories are displaced, lost, abandoned or buried. Knowing only seems possible through fragments. It’s the details that I am interested in not the large scale narrative of events. Borders are not important here but the parts. These works represent the tension of stitching together or matching together incommensurable locations, stories, memories, histories, data and all else.

Saskia Fernando Gallery