08.05.15 - 05.06.15

This first part of a series of three exhibitions, in three countries, presents thirteen works by New Zealander artist, Scott Gardiner created in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. Scott and his wife Bianca stayed back in Sri Lanka for several months after being caught in the tsunami in 2006 and since then they continue return to Sri Lanka often to their home in the south to surf and paint. Scotts connection with the island began as early as 1998 and this is the first time he will exhibit his work in Sri Lanka.

Talking about the Three Oceans Project Scott explained; ‘The project itself will take place in three locations, Sri Lanka (Hikkaduwa), Australia (Sydney) and New Zealand (Gisborne), these locations being chosen as they each represent an important part of my development as both a human being and an artist. While this is a personal journey the themes and concepts underpinning the work are universal and relate to us all as individuals and as a culture and society.

The abstract forms within the work relate back to the foundations of mathematics and geometry, becoming metaphors for humanities desire to use logic, knowledge and reasoning to deal with issues and understand the workings of the world. By juxtaposing these rigid forms with the free-flowing movement of light and energy across the surface of the ocean I am attempting to create a dialogue or conversation between these opposing forces.

Saskia Fernando Gallery