22.07.17 - 13.08.17

Black July took place 34 years ago. The war was over 8 years ago. Tyranny was defeated 2 ½ years ago. Democracy was then established and today we have no white vans, no abductions and no threats to life by politicians and their entourage. No surveillance, no CID or other intelligence services follow me because I am vociferous.

The popular assumption was that the change in government would amount to the resolution of the countries burning issues and that the promises made by the new ruling coalition would be addressed.

A new constitution with the devolution of power and an abolishment of the executive presidency, a new electoral system, socio-economic rights and many other promises are not being fulfilled.

Distorted images are prevalent. Like a good television with lesser voltage supply, a clear image won’t appear. The ‘glitch’ in our political climate continues and it has, over the last 12 months, only increased in intensity.

13+, G.S.P. +, Corruption +, Privileges +, Taxes +, Ministers in Parliament +, Hate Speech +, Nationalism +, Buddhist Extremism +, War Heroes +, Medical Terrorism +, Bureacracy +, Protests +…

Green, red, blue, yellow are now colours representative of the lack of unity and action throughout the governing bodies in the country.

Disturbing colours…..

Chandraguptha Thenuwara

July 2017

Saskia Fernando Gallery