02. 12. 14 - 02. 01. 15

‘On Sale’ is an exhibition by artist Poornima Jayasinghe, featuring mixed media work on paper and installation, this exhibition plays with similarities between Pettah as a market place and the art market. The works on show are sold by kilogram and an installation of a weighing scale with a gunny bag plays the sounds of Pettah that she has recorded during her many visits researching Colombo’s trade centre.

Various imagery layered, printed and worked on by hand tell the stories of the people Poornima Jayasinghe interacted with during her research. The artist herself chose to exaggerate the sale of her work through the exhibition in an effort to express her own struggle with the idea of commercializing this research and the stories of those she collected. An interesting angle to the exhibition is the audience themselves whom through the interaction with her work become a part of the concept in that they complete the final element needed to present the represenation of demand and supply.

Poornima Jayasinghe is currently working as Head of Art at the British School in Colombo. She is a co-­‐founder and a director of the Collective of Contemporary Artists (CoCA) a progressive art initiative. She has won awards for her digital art and photography and obtained a HND in Graphic design affiliate to Curtin University Australia and HND in photography from the Photographic Art Society.

Saskia Fernando Gallery