23.02.16 - 23.03.16

P413 uses the internet as a primary source of inspiration, transforming his research and his daily life in murals, acrylic on metal and most recently canvas work. In his first solo show, Tar Wars, the artist worked on large square metal sheets in an effort to recreate the wall mural and re-establish the graffiti nature of his work. The contrast of his experience of corporate culture with his involvement in the art industry continues to inspire his work. The juxtaposition of his pseudo life as an accountant with neon colours and cartoon characters are representative of P413’s humorist way of looking at his own world.

It is this rebellious, art-above-all, carefree nature of street art that has drawn P413 to stretch his arm out in the public space with a penchant for murals that he transforms into two dimensional works. His technique evolves from the digital technique of vector art. He first explores a style digitally and then transports it into the physical world, with acrylics, emulsions and other water based paints. In this, his second solo exhibition, the artist plays on the stereotypes of the corporate world creating characters and imagery to exaggerate their mundane nature.

Saskia Fernando Gallery