GOD IS A MESH | 2019

13.09.19 – 02.10.19

Muvindu Binoy is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice involves digital collage and film. As a digital artist, Binoy observes his personal outlook, exploring terms of gender, agency, title and the expectation of traditional values contradicted by modern-emancipated standards of the digital age. 

‘God is a mesh’  is a play on the words ‘God is a mess’. It doesn’t directly imply that all religions are a mess; it is to say that our highest belief is not independently justified but as a collective of all our beliefs. We are on our way to becoming Gods via the digital age and with this need to stay connected and network with our beliefs the ‘mesh’ is formed. In the same process that I find my images for collages, these 3D objects are already on the internet. I assemble them or collage them into new compositions, detaching them from their original meanings/purposes. These compositions are inspired by the Renaissance period and hipster culture. 

‘God is a Mesh’ is the unofficial trilogy of my quest to find meaning with consumerism, contemporary culture and violence. All three exhibitions, ‘The Holy Merchandise’, ‘Divine Thru’ and ‘God is a Mesh’ carry the same experimental process with different aesthetics. 

– Muvindu Binoy 2019

Saskia Fernando Gallery