Muvindu Binoy Sri Lankan , b. 1989


Muvindu Binoy is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is focused predominantly on digital collage and film. As a digital artist, Binoy observes his personal outlook, exploring themes of gender, agency, title and the expectation of traditional values contradicted by modern-emancipated standards of the digital age. Binoy works with subjects facing the Generation Y of his country, using the letter ‘Y’ as a pun for his questioning of character and integration of the reality experienced in his artistic outcome. Binoy's narrative spreads across visual and graphical mixes, uncommon experiments with technology, and at times process disruption of tools, kneejerk met poetics on Instagram, loops and skits, scribbles on fine art and surfaces, extended playlists and films; often placing together the contrasts of the new and ancient, reality and myth, good and the ugly. 


Born in Sri Lanka, Muvindu Binoy won first prize for his first short film in 2007 for a competition. In 2009, he created his second short film and connected with  leading film director, Boodee Kerthisena, who began mentoring his work as a filmographer. His work with digital mediums began at this same stage and in 2014, he followed a course in filmography at the University in Melbourne.  Between work with film, digital art and as a drummer/producer in a band called 'Duckdog' he began shifting his focus to a multidisciplinary digital practice as a visual artist.

In 2012 and 2013, he directed two short films for Agenda 14, a short film festival organised by Anoma Rajakarun where both films won the same title of Most Promising Film Maker. Via this festival he received the opportunity to visit the Wroclaw Film Festival in Poland to further research film directing. 


In 2015, he presented his first solo exhibition of work with Saskia Fernando Gallery in the exhibition titled Holy Merchandise. This series of work was the result of an earlier experimental series wherein the artist vandalized the visuals of the artist Yohan Medhanka's exhibition titled Kurutu.  His work is a combination of his generational outlook combined with his influences of filmography and the captured image. In the same year, he was selected curator Natasha Ginawala for the first edition of Colomboscope presented at the abandoned Rio Hotel complex wehrein he created an installation titled Molotov Cocktail. 


Binoy presented his second solo exhibition in 2016 titled Divine Thru a play on drivethroughs and the Divine Truth; the former implying the ease of access to commercialism and the latter – the search for a meaning of life. Binoy’s method is a removed narrative in which he chooses to allow the audience to find their own ‘truth’ to each work. In the second Colomboscope presentation held at the former Post Offices in Fort Colombo, he presented we work titled From Vendetta to Bend Data as well as a collaborative work with Abdul Halik Azeez titled My Colombo. He was commissioned to create a comedy/thriller web series titled Ekka Langa Kotu for the island's leading mobile distributor.


In 2017, he participated in the group exhibition Island Mentality at Saskia Fernando Gallery and the third consecutive Colomboscope  curated by Menike Van der Poorten in the former railway barracks in Maradana. The work was a short animation titled Super Awesome Nature Show. In 2018, he participated in the group exhibition titled Embodying Power curated by Sandev Handy and Tamara Fernando at the Sapumal Foundation in Colombo. 


At the end of 2018, he directed his first feature film 'Kotta Baba' premiered at the Goethe Institut in 2019. The work is the first found footage film to be screened in Sri Lanka.  In the same year, he began working with 3D digital collage and presented the series of work in hsi third solo exhibition at Saskia Fernando Gallery titled God is a Mesh. Binoy continues to work with music as a medium, creating a playlist of 'beats' that he shares via Soundcloud.