We will source artwork options for your review, specifically tailored for your project or spaces. If you are looking for something custom-made, we will also administer this process and work closely with the chosen artist to create that perfect work of art. We work with you to identify values, taste and goals and select the ideal artwork for your project, which fits closely with your vision and budget.

In collaboration with individuals and designers such as Annika Fernando Interior Design and Taru i.e. Interiors, we have consulted for projects involving the creation of Sri Lankan contemporary collections or artworks. With a growing inventory of 3000 plus works and more than 60 artists we are able to advise from both an art investment perspective as well as commercial interior projects that require a sensitivity to aesthetic.

Our projects include:

Private Residential and Villa projects  – Annika Fernando Interior Design

Private Residential and Villa projects  – Taru ie. Interiors

Private Residential project – PWA Architects

Hilton Colombo Refurbishment Sculpture Installations – ACID Singapore

Hilton Residencies Lobby Wall and Ceiling Sculpture – Hoolooman Architects

Colombo Courtyard Hotel – Sunela Jayawardena Architects

Galle Face Hotel Refurbishment Lobby Artworks by Ruwan Prasanna

Peoples Leasing Corporation Building Lobby & Executive Floor – DG5 Architects


Photographed to the Left – Taru Villas Property



Saskia Fernando Gallery