15.07.14 - 15.08.14

Born in Zadar, Croatia, Branka Ridicki majored in History of Art and Italian Language and Literature in Zagreb, Croatia. She works in a variety of media, including photography, film and painting.

The backbone of her professional biography is travelling. By way of numerous travels and moves to different countries due to her work in documentary film projects, and later due to her husband’s work in diplomacy, she developed an interest in different cultures, promoting intercultural dialogue in her art.

Her paintings have been the subject of solo and group exhibitions, including the 10th Cairo Biennial, 2007; Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Centre in Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, Cairo, “VIAGGIO”, 2007; Museum of Ancient Glass, Zadar, Croatia, “VIAGGIO”, 2010.

The architecture and history of Galle Fort and Colombo Fort has inspired these works being exhibited wherein the complex composition of architecture is reduced to simplified volumes. Her previous work inaugurated open spaces, urban heritage, lights and colors of the Mediterranean, now her new focus is to deconstruct the life of the town in the context of its history: history of different cultures overlapping – European and Asian. The artist aims to represent the living and creative heart of the town with its main squares, towers and gateways as symbols of the human, cultural and civilizational synergy.

Saskia Fernando Gallery