25.01.14 - 28.02.14

The media theorist Marshall McLuhan once stated “the medium is the message”. [1]
The Sri Lankan history of new media, including photography and video, are closely connected to encounters with the outside world, namely the west. Early photography has always played an important role in documenting and exploring foreign spheres by attempting to ‘picture the Other’. In contrast the Oriental’s way is everything different from home.
My influence comes from above and is based on and related to ‘picturing the Other’.
I try to approach the screen the same way I approach my drawings. This group of work explores aspects of duality: beauty and destruction, the body and the spirit, order and chaos, objects and relations (connections). Without preplanning I collect everyday objects. People and photos are the catalyst for my body of works. I use these photos as drawing tools.
The juxtaposition of the images makes transparent layers of history. Layering one on top of another creates a depth of perspective, both visually and conceptually. They are multi-layered compositions, similarly to classical paintings, and these hybrid images thereby surface making references of truth and fiction. It is thereby possible to obtain a new comprehension of these narratives from an unusual vantage point.
As a Sri Lankan women working in a new media, I try to bring out the spiritual dimension in my images so that reality becomes ambiguous and opens to reinvention. I seek to translate my desires into new images that will undermine conventional perceptions and reveal hidden worlds.
*[1] McLuhan, Marshall. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1964. p. 7-8.
Saskia Fernando Gallery