12.10.17 - 26.10.17

The Lotus Sutra, a scripture that is often considered to be one of the most important in the path to
enlightment, teaches how even deluded people will follow this path. The lotus symbolizes the
bodhisattva who is rooted in the earthly mud and yet flowers above the water in the open air of
My works incorporate the themes of nature, architecture, Buddhist philosophy
and Hindu mythology. I choose to narrate a conceptual meditative sensation by using imagery
combined that translates the vernacular of this island. Rather than document contemporary issues
my work seeks a deeper understanding and reality of social and cultural norms. I use a limited
colour palate in my paintings, mostly black and white; this is done to strip down to bare essentials.

The symbol of the lotus itself represents calm and peace. The visual outcome of this depiction is
this representation in itself. From impressionist Monet, to Fare-Eastern Calligraphic brush painting
and classical representation in Ajanta, Pala and Jain manuscripts as well as Indian miniature
painting. The profound use of the image worldwide as well as in Sri Lanka implicates its symbolic
power. These are the characteristics that inspired me as an artist to explore the theme and
teachings to further understand how my work can create a sense of relief amidst the turmoil we

Nuwan Nalaka

Saskia Fernando Gallery