• Skeleton Mountain

    2013, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas Board, Diameter 75 cm

  • Paradise Lost IV

    2011, Mixed Media on Canvas, 76 x 76 cm (x6)

  • EMERGENCY, 2014, Breese Little Gallery, London

  • 2015, ON YOUR WAY HOME I, Mixed media on canvas, 99 x 80 cm

  • 2011, Paradise Lost IV, mixed media on canvas, 76x76cm(x6)

  • 2011, Paradise Lost I, mixed media on canvas, 152 cm x 109 cm

  • 2011, Paradise Lost II, mixed media on canvas, 152x109cm(x2)

  • 2011, Paradise Lost III, mixed media on canvas, 101x76cm(x2)

  • 2015, An Hour in the Herbal Garden, Mixed Media on Canvas, 100×159.9cm

  • 2016, Garden of Earthly Delights V, Mixed Media on Canvas, 100x100cm

  • 2017, Garden of Earthly Delights V, Mixed Media on Canvas, 150 x120 cm

Priyantha Udagedara holds a PhD in Contemporary Fine Art Practice from the Leeds Metropolitan University UK. The artist creates works with aesthetic appeal that from a distance imply a subject and imagery of a paradisiacal nature. When viewed closely the intense and often disturbing nature of his subject transforms through collaged animal and body parts combined with splattered paint. His watercolour hybrid creature series present the same juxtaposition of beauty and agony, depicting monster and human forms with intricate detail and color in a continuation of his distinctive Paradise Lost series that contemplates the current political and social state of post-war Sri Lanka. In his latest series Garden of Earthly Delights, Udagedara works with collage and painting to create an elaborate depiction from the Herbal Garden series that confronts the growing sex industry in Sri Lanka. Presented as a mere observation the flora and fauna resemble the signage used to attract visitors to brothels disguised as Ayurvedic massage parlors. The sex industry is largely ignored by the traditional cultural government organizations that also turn a blind eye to another prevalent issue: gender-based violence. Hints of paint splattered like blood suggest turmoil beneath what is presented as a Buddhist culture, a continuation of his Paradise Lost series of work.

2013          PhD in Contemporary Fine Art Practice, Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology,

Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

2007          MA in Contemporary Fine Art Practice (Merit), Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology,

Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

2003          BFA in Painting, Institute of Aesthetic Studies University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka


Solo Exhibitions

2016         Garden of Earthly Delights | Grosvenor Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2015         Herbal Garden | Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2015         UVPA 10th Anniversary Show: Visual Art Exhibition | JDA Perera Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2014         Priyantha Udagedara | Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2014         Priyantha Udagedara | Works from 2010 to 2014, Norman Rae Gallery, York, United Kingdom

2013         Paradise Lost | Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham, United Kingdom

2013         Paradise Lost | Colorida Galeria De Arte E Design LDA, Lisbon, Portugal

2012         Paradise Lost | Broadcasting Place Gallery, Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

2010         Exhibition of Painting | Paradise Road Galleries, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007         M.A. Degree Show | 6th Floor H Building, Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

2006         Exhibition of Painting | Paradise Road Galleries, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2004         Exhibition of Painting | Barefoot Galleries, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2003         Exhibition of Painting | Paradise Road Galleries, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Group Exhibitions

2016         Colombo Art Biennale: Conceiving Space | Colombo, Sri Lanka

2016         Disambiguation, curated by Saskia Fernando | Art Dubai 2016, U.A.E

2014         Summer Dance | Breese Little Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2014         Emergency | Breese Little Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2014         Opening Exhibition 2014 | Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2009         Leeds Art Fair | The Light, United Kingdom

2007         Situation Leeds | Leeds, United Kingdom

2007         Interim | Leeds Metropolitan MA exhibition, Old BBC building, Leeds, United Kingdom

2005         The Cross Art Project  | An Exhibition of Sri Lankan & Australian Artists, Sydney, Australia

2004         International Artist Camp Habarana | Organised by George Keyt foundation, Sri Lanka

2003         Gangcey of Sri Lanka | Lalith Kala Academy Gallery, New Delhi, India

2004         Gap Zero 3 | The Lionel Wendt Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2004         Young Contemporaries | Harold Peries Gallery, George Keyt Foundation, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2002         Young Contemporaries | National Art Gallery, George Keyt Foundation, Colombo Sri Lanka

2002         National Painting & Sculpture Exhibition National Art Gallery | Sri Lanka Kala Mandalaya, Colombo, Sri Lanka


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