For decades, we have been classified under the genetic profile ‘Homo sapiens sapiens’. With the inheritance of prime essence from our ancestors, we have forged the world around us according to our likenesses. The world is evolving. And so are we. The rules of nature apply to all-things-physical. Are we the same as we were yesterday? While the clock ticks, we too have evolved intellectually. Thus, we witness the dawn of a whole new species.

Imprisoned in a digitalized world, the room for rational decision, observation, goodwill and understanding is slowly fading away. We are not driven by conscience, compassion nor love. Where each bond is a transaction, every conversation is a concession, we hide behind the cascade of capitalism. We have built our future upon the foundations of power, lust and authority. As our morals fade, we shall rise as a new breed of humans. A whole new chapter in the book of evolution.

Saskia Fernando Gallery