M.O.B. | 2019

23.07.19 – 13.08.19

What is happening around us?

Following the end of a 27 year long war instead of establishing a peace building process by returning occupied land and removing camps, there are individuals and groups looking for a new enemy. The June 2014 riots in Dharga town were a clear incident of this attempt. It was orchestrated. Previously hidden Islamaphobia became visible. Yellow robes were seen during these anti-Muslim activities but they were not preaching Buddha’s words. Hate speech, hate campaigns, hate without an end.

On 13 May 2019 the burning of buildings and looting took place in Hettipola, Kuliyapitiya, Kurunegala and Minuangoda. It reminded me of Black July 1983. M.O.B., Maliciously Organized Bastards, with the support of our so-called Sinhala-Buddhist ideology. Power-hungry politicians, individuals and organizations were amongst these mobs. Various tones of yellow robes creating Neo Camouflage.

– Chandraguptha Thenuwara, 2019

Saskia Fernando Gallery