• Rasamma

    2015, Limited Edition Print on Canvas, 36 x 36″, 18 x 18″, 9 x 9″

  • Serious Refreshment

    2015, Canon Lucia Ink on Enhanced Matte Archival Paper, 23 x 29″

  • Turn On

    2014, Canon Lucia Ink on Matte Archival Paper, 24 x 24″

  • Samosanomics

    2014, Print on Canvas, 18 x 18″

  • Invisible People II

  • Madrasa Boys

    2014, Limited Edition Print on Canvas, 18 x 13″

  • Sub-urban Poetry

    2015, Print on Canvas, 27 x 36″

  • Invisible People I

b. 1985

Abdul Halik Azeez began his career as a strategy consultant, newspaper and citizen journalist thereafter working as an independent researcher focusing on hate speech and critical discourse analysis. His photojournalistic work began as a researcher in which he used social media as a platform to publish his work and narrative. Following his exhibition in 2014 he began to merge his work as researcher and artist using photo reportage to capture images that document the change in contemporary Sri Lanka with a focus on the social and cultural lives of minorities and urban residents residing in slum areas. The work he confronts as a researcher has become a direct influence on his portfolio, documenting the lives of those experiences first-hand effects of development and often those involved in trade with higher vulnerability or risk. Using a critical viewpoint, he explores the environment around him to create works that frame a dialect between the real and conceptual.



2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting First Class), University of the Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2003 Diploma in Desktop Publishing, Abacus Institute of Computer Technology, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Colombedouin | Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Group Exhibitions

2016 Serendipity Arts Festival | Goa, India
2016 Conceiving Virtual Space | Curated by Saskia Fernando | ArtSpaceSriLanka.com
2016 Colombo Art Biennale: Conceiving Space | Colombo, Sri Lanka
2016 Liminal Space: Reconfiguring Identity and Place through Contemporary Art JDA Perera Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2016 Disambiguation, curated by Saskia Fernando | Art Dubai 2016, U.A.E
2015 Colomboscope | Curated by Menika Van der Poorten & Natasha Ginwala, Rio Cinema, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2015 Watch This Space | Curated by Sanjana Hattotuwa & Saskia Fernando, Park Street, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2015 Religious Intolerance and Islamophobia in Post-war Sri Lanka | Groundviews, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2014 Java Lane: Vanishing with Old Colombo | Picture Press Online

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Saskia Fernando Gallery